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EZ Tear Universal Single Pull Tearoff Ramp


The EZ Tear has been raced tested by top drivers for over six months to perfect the design. Race tested by:

Brent Kaeding - Kaeding Performance, Campbell CA
Jason Chisum - Sprint Car Driver, Salinas CA
Kevin Rogers - Smiley's Racing Products, Mesquite TX

Here’s what some of them have to say about the EZ Tear Universal Single Pull Tearoff Ramp:

“I used to pull tearoffs mostly on the straights so I have time to make sure I only pull one. But with the EZ Tear, I can confidently and quickly pull tearoffs as soon as they get dirty, no matter where I am on the track. I’ll never race again without it!”
“The best part about the EZ Tear is that I never know it’s there. It doesn’t hinder me in any way and it provides an insurance policy to make sure I have clear vision for the entire race.”


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