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About Us

About Us

Pulse Racing Innovations is dedicated to bring products to market that help racers be better, stronger, and faster! Our roots are in motocross, but our product line spans all forms of motor racing, including motocross, enduro, cross country, flat track, ATVs, sprint cars, modifieds, and go-karts. Our first product is the patented EZ Tear Universal Tearoff Ramp. The goggle strap mounted version and the visor mounted version appeal to all forms of off-road racers. And, we have other products in work…some that will target a specific racing segment, and others that apply to racers of all types.

The inspiration for the EZ Tear came while watching a Budds Creek Motocross National. Ryan Dungey pulled his tearoff stack early in the moto. He rode much of the race with the stack flapping against the right side of his helmet. Ryan made some dramatic passes, but ultimately failed to win the race, perhaps in part due to his lack of clear vision. We thought that there must be some way to prevent that problem. After much thought and lots of discussion, the EZ Tear was conceived and perfected. We recognized that the EZ Tear concept would work equally well with helmets using goggles or shields. We filed for a patent which was ultimately granted in 2015.

Pulse Racing Innovations, LLC, is a family owned business located in Argyle, Texas, just north of Fort Worth, near Texas Motor Speedway. Our business was founded in 2015 and initially formed to bring the patented EZ Tear Universal Tearoff Ramp to the market.

Management Team Bios

Murph Capers

Murph graduated from Mississippi State University in 1985 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of technical and management positions for over 30 years. Murph holds four U.S. Patents and is always looking for a better way, no matter what the situation! He has been riding motocross for most of his life and is a fan of all forms of motor racing.

Seth Capers

Seth recently graduated from the University of North Texas, with a degree in Business Management, Entrepreneurship. In addition to working at Pulse Racing Innovations, he also manages a small local business. Seth enjoys working out, riding motocross, and watching all forms of motor racing. As co-inventor of the EZ Tear, he is the proud holder of a U.S. Patent.